The Dales Pony Society (England) published a comprehensive book on the history of Dales Ponies in 2001.  It is a 200 page hard bound edition that traces the origins of this exceptional breed  back to Roman times.  It also includes  the history of the Dales Breed Society with stories and photographs exemplifying the strength and character of these little giants.  Copies of  this excellent reference book have been provided to us by the Dales Pony Society and we are pleased to be able to offer them to you for $44 US, postage paid.

The Dales Pony Society is now making available a 30 minute video showcasing Dales Ponies in a variety of equine performance categories.  This video was professionally made in Great Britain in 2003.  It includes interviews with well established breeders in England and will take you over rolling hills and pastoral streams to breed shows, logging trails and dressage arenas.  Purchasers of this video have told us that they are impressed with the great quality and excellent content of the production.  Please note that the North American video format (NTSC) version of this video is available only through Blooming Dales Pony Farm.  The Dales Pony Society 30 min. video is available for $24 US on DVD, postage paid. 

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Dales Ponies

Dales Ponies Wonderful in harness or under saddle

Dales Ponies are the largest of England's native pony breeds. This strong and rugged horse can stand as high as 14.2 hands and can weigh over 1000 Lbs. (450 Kg.). They typically have long manes and tails with feather around the hooves. Most commonly they are black, dark brown or gray.  

Dales are intelligent, good natured, easy to work and rugged.

The Dales Registry

In the Dales Stud Book there are four pure-breed registry sections, A through D.  However, sections D and C are effectively nonexistent and there are no section C or D mares in North America.   Ponies in sections A and B are differentiated only by the amount of white markings at birth.  Section  A ponies are allowed a small star of white on the forehead, a white snip at or below the nostrils and white to just above the fetlocks on the rear feet.  These markings are determined at the time of registration when the pony is typically less than one year of age.  Ponies with additional white markings will be registered as Section B.   Both sections A and B are full-blood Dales and both can produce registerable off spring.  Properly marked filly foals from section B mares will be registered in the A section of the registry.  

In addition to the pure-breed registry there is a part-breed registry section for ponies with at least 25% proven Dales breeding, calculated from either or both parents.  There is no upgrading from the part-breed to full-breed registries. 

Dales, Fells and FIS

Red Prairie Hyacinth, age 2 years

Born in 2002

Black, Gray or White?

Black is the most common color for Dales Ponies and probably the most desired color in England.  However, in the North America grays are also quite popular.  As with other breeds, gray Dales Ponies start life with a much darker coat, sometimes dark gray, sometimes completely black.  Over time they will become whiter and whiter, going through a beautiful dappled transition to white that can take up to fifteen or twenty years.

Red Prairie Hyacinth, age 5 years

Photo courtesy of  owner J. Begonia

Dales Ponies



All licensed stallions must be Section A ponies.  To be eligible for a licensing inspection stallions must be at least three years of age, sired by a registered Dales stallion and out of a section A mare.  Section A colts out of section B mares are not eligible to be licensed as stallions. 

Castle Hill Rob:

Frozen semen for artificial insemination is available from Castle Hill Rob our handsome 14.1 hand black stallion (a pregnancy guarantee is available). Rob resides on our farm and is friendly and energetic.  If you like the look of solid muscle and strength, you will like Rob.

Dartdale Peterboy:

We also have frozen semen available from Dartdale Peter Boy who at 14.2 hands is a prize winning stallion.  As with other breeds gray Dales Ponies become whiter with age.  Starting as a dark gray or even black as foals they can progress, as Hyacinth's (photos above) and Peterboy's photos show, through a beautiful dapple, ultimately to an almost pure white.   Foals produced through artificial insemination are fully registerable with the Dales Pony Societies. Partial breed foals sired by a Dales Pony can be listed in the "First-cross" (part-breed) registry of the Dales Pony Society.




Blooming Dales Pony Farm is the first home of registered Dales Ponies in the United States.   Our current breeding stock of two mares and two stallions were all born in England.  Three of them  were brought into the United States as foals in November of 1994.    Our mares are section "A" (top ranking) registered with the Dales Pony Society of England and the stallions are licensed through the Society.  All our foals are registered with the Dales Pony Society in England or with the Dales Pony Society of America (DPSA), are micro-chipped for identification and carry the prefix "Red Prairie" in their names.  We are members of the Dales Pony Society (England).  Dales ponies are not only unique they are also rare.  There are less than two hundred  in all of North America.  The first Dales Pony born in the United States is Red Prairie Knight foaled at our farm April 29, 1998 and now residing in Louisiana.

Lummas Beauty III

Lowhouses Amanda

Our mares and stallion Castle Hill Rob are black, each having at least one white marking. The smallest, Sowermire Diane stands about 13.2 hands and the largest Lummas Beauty III is 14.2 hands and over 1100 Lb.. We continue to evaluate the best alternatives for gaining access to other stallions to diversify the bloodlines of our foals and to provide future breeding options for those who may purchase filly foals from us.  

If your interest in owning a Dales Pony is growing you should write us or call us for more information on our currently available stock.

Our interest in Dales Ponies began in the 1980's from a picture in a book. We established contacts with the Dales Pony Society soon after that and made our first visit to England in 1993. Since that first trip we have been back six times, attending pony shows and visiting farms to see a cross section of this wonderful breed. Through our visits to England we have seen a great number of  Dales Ponies and we are still impressed with their friendly nature and their handsome beauty.  We have had friends and visitors from around the world (including China) come and ride these wonderful ponies.  Whether a novice or experienced rider, Dales are safe and fun to ride.  If you live too far away to come and visit please check below and consider purchasing a video or book about these wonderful ponies.

Sowermire Diane

Dales Ponies

Dales Ponies

Blooming Dales Pony Farm is located in the rolling country side of Oregon about 60 miles southwest of Portland and 25 miles west of Salem. In addition to our ponies we grow and sell high quality horse hays. The farm has ponds, woods with riding trails and a spectacular view of the Cascade Range peaks. Our facilities include a fully enclosed riding arena. We are easy to reach from Portland using highways 99W and 18, and from Salem using highway 22.  Please call for directions and to schedule a visit. 

Visitors are always welcome!  

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The Dales Pony Society

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The closest relative to the Dales is the Fell Pony.  The breeds are very similar in looks and build.  Dales are, on average a half hand taller than Fells and with a heavier build even considering their larger size.  Dales are also said to have a slightly more pronounced trot although this is probably debatable.

Foal Imuno-defficiency Syndrome

At least since the 1990s breeders have been aware of a genetically caused immune deficiency syndrome (FIS)  in the Fell breed.  FIS, which is a fatal disease,  has now been found in Dales Ponies as well.  Foals that are born with this genetic defect appear normal at birth but show signs of weakness and illness starting at two to four weeks.  Health problems are progressive and fouls will not typically live beyond a few months.  For a foal to acquire FIS, both sire and dam must carry the defective gene.  In such breeding situations there is a 25% probability of a foal acquiring two defective genes and succumbing to FIS.  Genetic tests are available that can determine if a specific pony carries the FIS gene.  

This test is available through the Dales Pony Society (England)

Our breeding stock have been tested for FIS and all have been shown to be free of the FIS gene.


Dales Pony Society, Secretary

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Dales Pony Society of America

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Stephen and Marian  Barker 7950 Red Prairie Rd.

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Dales Pony Book and Videos


Stallion: Castle Hill Rob

available through live cover and frozen semen


Stallion: Dartdale Peter Boy

available through frozen semen

Since 1998 we have been compiling a video record of  the ponies here at Blooming Dales Pony Farm.  The video is over two hours long and includes ponies being ridden, in harness, at play and in-hand.  It is a way to see how these beautiful ponies move.  For those considering a pony purcgreat hase in the near future, we can include recent footage of our sales stock.  The video is available as a DVD for $14 US, postage paid.

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